Next Tuesday’s Story Time features Max & Ruby stories. This is to celebrate the author’s, Rosemary Wells’, birthday on January 29th. Go on an alphabet journey with Max and Ruby, then build alphabet letters in a game. We’ll do fingerplays based on the rhymes in ‘My Very First Mother Goose’. Next follow along as Miss Sarah reads about the journey of a mischievous Yorkshire terrier named McDuff. Finally we’ll go to the craft table for a short activity!

Tuesday, the 20th, Miss Sarah read wintery ‘Snowman’ stories. If you missed it, make a Shredded Paper Snowman at home. Go here for directions:

Practice singing ‘Snowflake, Snowflake’ for that magical time when the flakes do fly!

Snowflake, Snowflake

(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

From the ‘Intellidancing’ YouTube channel


Snowflakes, snowflakes all around

In the air and on the ground.

Some are big and some are small.

Roll them into a snowball.

When the sun comes out to play,

Watch as they all melt away.